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What Does the Impaired Driver Program Look Like?

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The Impaired Driver Program, or IDP, is an option for those eligible to still operate a vehicle to get to work and other necessary places after their license has been pulled due to an alcohol-related or drug-related offense. You can enroll in this program and apply for the subsequent conditional license after sentencing. New York state, as well as many others, has put programs in place in an effort to lessen the reoccurrence of certain offenses and keep the roads and citizens safe. The IDP is a product of that effort, and if you adhere to the guidelines, you are able to continue to operate a vehicle and get to your destinations as necessary, within the rules established by this program.

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What Does This Program Consist Of?

There is an educational aspect to this program in that it will help you to understand the high-risk situations involved in drinking and driving, as well as other impairments. Through guided courses and necessary steps, it will help those enrolled to obtain a greater knowledge of the repercussions of their actions and how making better choices not only helps them but creates a safer environment for citizens in New York. Generally speaking, through the use of workbooks and group activities completed throughout the course, participants can better understand healthier choices for themselves and those around them. These sessions are typically scheduled each week.

What Else Should I Know About IDP?

Another aspect of this program is the preliminary screening that is in place to identify substance abuse disorders or other high-risk factors. If you are one of the individuals found to be at risk due to this assessment, it is likely that you will be referred for further clinical assessment and, in some cases, treatment. Referrals can happen if two or more alcohol or drug-related driving convictions have happened in the past decade, if it is proven that you are attending your IDP classes while under the influence, due to a written request by the participant themselves, or if based on the written assessment, it is deemed necessary.

What Happens When I’m Done?

Upon satisfactory completion of the IDP program, a Notice of Completion will be issued and electronically submitted to the DMV. Depending on your specific situation, this may be all you need to resume an unrestricted driver’s license. If you have another offense on record, were under 21 when you were charged, or refused an alcohol or drug test at the time of your offense, there may be additional steps that need to be completed before your Conditional License is transferred back into an unrestricted driver’s license.

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