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Are Accidents Common on a Construction Site?

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Accidents happen. All too often, unfortunately. Construction sites are known for unfortunate accidents leading to injury and, at times, death. This goes for road construction, building, industrial or commercial constructions, etc. The risks involved in any of these sites throughout the US are prevalent. What is unique about parts of New York is that the “typical” construction sites are much more ambitious (think highrises, larger crews involved, tight schedules) and, therefore, riskier, than they are in other parts of the state and the country.

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What are Some Common Types of Construction Accidents in New York?

Fall accidents are typically the most common construction accidents in the entire country, including New York. There are multiple safety measures in place to avoid this, and safety is incredibly important on any and all construction sites due to the risky nature of the work. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA falls on construction sites are the most common cause of death in New York.

Falls can occur not only from tall surfaces (highrises, scaffolding, etc.) but also lower to the ground, such as off a large piece of equipment or into an unprotected hole or trench.

The second most common construction accident is being struck by an object. In some cases, this can lead to death as well. Equipment can malfunction, people can get caught between two large pieces of equipment and be crushed, loose materials can fall and strike the employee, and vehicles or heavy equipment on the site can run over employees as well without proper safety measures in place.

Electrocution is another leading cause of accidents and deaths on construction sites. Some sites have faulty wiring or wiring that is improperly grounded, leading to electrocution. Other causes are wet conditions or working too close to power lines without the proper safety precautions in place.

How Else Do Construction Accidents Happen in New York?

Scaffolding Injuries are another common cause of injuries and deaths on construction sites. Scaffolding can become damaged over time and malfunction, it can endure damage when moving from one job site to another, and it can be assembled improperly, making it unsafe. It can also become incredibly unsafe due to weather conditions. As the weather changes, the surface can become slippery and create another safety hazard.

Heavy equipment injuries are another main cause of accidents on the construction site. Having experienced operators trusted to run the equipment well and safety must be a priority, but with deadlines and, in some cases, insufficient training, things can go wrong quickly. Workers can be caught in between or below the heavy equipment, causing injury or death.

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