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Do I Need Legal Help to File an Appeal?

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Some people will hesitate to even begin the process of an appeal due to how long they think it will take to resolve. If you or a loved one has been wrongfully convicted or needs to attempt to overturn a decision made by the courts, having an experienced team of attorneys to help you navigate this process can help to set your mind at ease. They can also help to streamline the process, thereby saving time and money when moving forward.

How Long Does An Appeal Process Take?

The length of time on a state level for an appeal can vary based on the specifics of the case and how straightforward it is but generally is about 12-24 months. Roughly six months of this is factored in for the amount of time you are waiting to hear back on your appeal. This amount of time can vary greatly depending on the current court’s schedules happening in your specific county, making the timing of the process difficult to narrow down.

What Does the Appellate Division Do?

The Appellate Division will issue a written decision stipulating how to proceed. They can either affirm the court’s judgment, resulting in no change. They can modify the judgment and specify what modifications they are making to the decision. They can overturn the original decision, allowing for the reversal of the charges in question. They can remit the case back to a lower court with specific instructions, and they can also dismiss the case. Dismissal is usually due to errors made during the appeals procedure and also another reason to have an experienced lawyer to rely on.

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

The appeals process itself can feel like a second language to most. There are specific sets of rules involved for each level (state or federal), each county, and across several categories of charges obtained. If these specific rules aren’t followed appropriately, it can result in your appeal being denied altogether, or at the very least, making the process longer.

Having an experienced team by your side to help you from start to finish throughout this process can allow peace of mind, as well as save you time and money.

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