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What is a Conditional License in New York State?

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The DMV can issue a Conditional License to a qualified driver whose New York State license has been suspended or revoked due to a drug-related or alcohol violation. If you qualify, this license allows you to drive legally, following certain limitations.

The driver must enroll in an Impaired Driving Program, or IDP, and complete the course. If there are further clinical assessments or treatments necessary, these must be completed, as well as the entire course, to be eligible to receive your Driver’s License back after the appropriate time has passed.

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What Are The Limitations on the License?

There are several guidelines in place to remain compliant while driving with a Conditional License. Read below to learn more.

If the driver has a CDL or Commercial Drivers License, that is not valid with a Conditional License. This means is you drive a larger vehicle or a commercial vehicle, you are not legally able to operate it during this time.

You can drive to and from a Motor Vehicle office in order to remain compliant with your IDP, to and from work, and, if required by your work, you may operate a vehicle during business hours as it relates to your employment. You can drive to and from classes or activities required within your IDP, to and from classes at an accredited college or university (this does not include driving to and from high school). You can drive to and from a child’s school or daycare if it is deemed necessary. You can drive to and from a medical appointment for yourself or a family member if it is deemed necessary, and you are required to carry a written statement from your doctor explaining the nature of the appointment in case you are stopped while driving to or from said appointment.

There are other specific instances in which driving is legal, all of which will be stipulated in the Conditional License/Driving Privilege Attachment that is issued to you.

What Happens if I’m Caught Driving Where/When Prohibited with my Conditional License?

There are a few instances in which your Conditional License can be revoked. If it is proven that you are in violation of the where/when you are able to drive that is specifically listed, this can result in revocation. If you are dropped from the IDP program, your conditional license will be revoked. If you are convicted of another moving violation, such as a seatbelt violation or issues with a cell phone or child safety seats, this can also result in revocation. Also, if you are convicted again of a drug-related or alcohol-related charge while you have a Conditional License, this can result in revocation and other charges.

When Do I Get My License Back?

Typically you can obtain your license back after 60 days. If you avoid violations and remain compliant with your IDP program, you can generally assume this two-month timeframe to obtain your regular Driver’s License back.

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