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Are Certain Dog Breeds More Dangerous Than Others?

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You must know first that any dog has the potential to bite under the right conditions. Even typically friendly dogs may bite you if they’re threatened, feeling ill, or taking care of their puppies, and you may be strange to them.

Fairly recently, specific organizations (including insurance companies) have studied how aggressive certain dog breeds are, and it’s a mixed bag. Most studies found that chihuahuas and Dachshunds were the most aggressive to other dogs and people.

However, being that they are usually small, the injuries they inflicted were less severe.
Also, Pit bull terriers were found to be overly aggressive to other dogs, but not significantly more to their owners or strangers.

These studies covered many breeds of dogs, and of course, the larger animals that had a more aggressive nature could and did more damage to the victim, and many resulted in the actual death of another dog or person. There’s not any domestic dog breed that is inherently violent, and you must also remember that the dog’s owner can contribute to the aggressive nature of the dog. This is a heated debate, and many feel that even the more “aggressive breeds” are made by their owners’ abuse, neglect, or training.

This list may differ slightly from time to time, but it’s commonly agreed that the nine most dangerous dog breeds are:

  • Siberian Husky.
  • Hybrid Wolf Dogs
  • Presa Canario
  • German Shepherd
  • Rottweiler
  • Akita. Attacks
  • Chow Chow
  • Doberman Pinscher

The size of most of these dogs and their training has contributed to numerous injuries and even deaths over the last few years. Accordingly, if you own one of these breeds or have been bitten by one, insurance companies may not cover your injuries or the lawsuit against you, which usually occurs.

So, if any dog bites you, and especially by one on the “aggressive breed” list, you need to consult immediately with your Syracuse or Utica personal injury dog bite lawyer. This is true whether you are bitten or your dog has attacked and injured another person. Dog bite lawsuits are expected today and can devastate their owners, or you, as the injured party.

If you’re bitten, you could be mauled, lose some motor function, and have extensive scarring that may involve surgery. Additionally, you need to know your rights, as the penalties, you as the dog owner, can be severe and even include jail time.

What Are Some Reasons That May Contribute to Aggression in Dogs?

As stated, even small dogs can attack but not usually inflict the severe and debilitating injury that a large dog can.

There are situations that you should be more aware of, and that may contribute to being attacked by a dog; some are,

  • Asserting dominance – This instinct is common in dogs due to their “pack” mentality.
  • Asserting their territory – Most all family dogs will protect their household or their puppies. The usually friendly dog may react as they see this as a protective action against you, dogs, or other animals.
  • Pain or Illness – If a dog is injured or sick, it often will lash out more than a healthy animal.
  • Predation refers to most dogs – Their “hunting instinct” to kill small animals or attack children.
  • Fear – Overwhelming sensory stimuli may cause dogs to react by biting and feeling threatened.
  • Misdirected aggression – This may occur when the owner of the dog restrains their dog from attacking another and causing their dog to turn on them.

You should get medical attention immediately if a dog attacks you or a family member. A dog’s attack can tear flesh and break bones. The medical costs, loss of wages, and more, to you and your family, can be devastating. Consulting with Syracuse or Utica dog bite lawyers will help you get the compensation you deserve.

Do Some Breeds Just Have a Bad Undeserved Reputation, and Why?

It’s well known that some dogs just have a bad reputation. However, are these dogs bred to kill, or are they the innocent victims of the dark side of their owners?

Dog experts and pet owners have been asked this question for years, and they usually tell us the truth about “aggressive” dog breeds, and there’s a lot of excellent feedback.

For example, a pit bull broke away from its walker to race across a park and nearly killed another dog or bit a child. Most experts state that these people with aggressive dogs don’t want the dog as a pet; they want to make a statement! Many experts also tell us that to the best of their knowledge; no dogs are “born bad.” Only two-legged harsh, abusive, or misguided owners either make the dog aggressive or enhance the animal’s aggressive nature.

What Should I Do If I’m Attacked By a Dog in New York State?

First, get medical attention immediately, as any bite, large or small, can cause nerve damage, infection, and much more.

New York has a “One Bite” Rule, and dog bite cases are managed under strict liability and negligence. In most cases, the dog’s owner or guardian is personally liable for medical bills, and more if their dog caused your injury. This holds even if the owner used reasonable care to restrain the animal.

Also, it’s mandatory in New York State that if a dog bites you, you must immediately file a full report about the incident with the local authorities. This is especially true if the animal that inflicted the wound is suspected of having rabies.

These bites can be very severe and have caused death to both children and adults. As soon as possible, consult with a local dog bite law team, and allow them to analyze your case thoroughly. Medical bills, lost work time and lost wages, and much more can mount up. In New York, the dog’s owner is liable, and your Syracuse or Utica personal injury lawyer will fight for your rights and the compensation you need and deserve.

I’ve Been the Victim Of a Dog Attack; How Should I Proceed?

Dog bites can be extremely severe and cause more physical damage than you imagine. Never underestimate their severity, both physical and emotional.

Unfortunately, most dog bite victims are between five and nine years old, and most of these attacks are inflicted by dogs the child already knows. However, whether you know your attacking dog or not, you must know your rights.

Consulting with a Syracuse or Utica “dog bite” personal injury lawyer is mandatory. Also, you must obtain a lawyer with extensive knowledge of the New York personal injury laws regarding dog attacks. Your experienced and empathetic lawyer will be committed to helping you recover from these horrific injuries and fight for the maximum compensation you need to move forward financially and physically with your life.