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What Do I Need to Know About SSDI?

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It is not uncommon in America to deal with debilitating disabilities, preventing you from working to provide for yourself or your family or causing you to live a life less fulfilled than you imagined. Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI is in place to help people just like you. So, where do you start? There is a ton of information available to you, but below are 10 things we think are helpful when starting this process. At our law firm, we are happy to help to answer any further questions and assist you in this process. Call us today at (315) 500-6425.

What Are Some Helpful Tips To Know With SSDI?

First and foremost, you can and should apply for SSDI benefits as soon as you become disabled. There seems to be a myth regarding a waiting period to apply for benefits, and that is not the case.

It is likely that your application will be denied. Don’t be discouraged. It can actually be common, and you can appeal this decision in order to obtain benefits.

However, you can increase your chances of approval by being substantially prepared. You should have a thorough journal of the dates when your disability began, what happened, the process that you have gone through in an attempt to regain your life since your disability, and how the disability is affecting your day-to-day life.

While not required to have legal representation, it can greatly increase your chances of approval. There are specific rules in place, and it’s not uncommon to be denied on the first application. Lean on the collective experience of attorneys to streamline the process for you.

You will need to provide proof of your disability. Having paperwork documenting your medical visits and what your medical record state is going to be required, so having all this at hand when applying is crucial.

There are requirements surrounding your past/current work that must be met in order to be eligible for benefits. The duration of your recent employment and the quarters that you have worked will be factored in to determine if and what you are eligible for.

SSDI benefits are calculated based on your average earnings over a period of time. The SSA uses a formula based on your average earnings to establish your PIA or Primary Insurance Amount.

If you receive workmen’s compensation, public disability benefits, or income from a government pension, it may reduce your SSDI benefit.

You may be able to receive retroactive payments. Once approved, you may be able to request payment from the date of the disability and forward, and if eligible, you could receive these prior payments.

The average person qualifies for about $1,200 a month in benefits. This number can vary greatly, as each situation is different, but as an average number, you can expect an amount within this range.

We hope this helped you to gain some knowledge of the SSDI process. Our law firm is happy to help you with this process, streamline the steps for you and increase your chances of approval. Contact us at (315) 500-6425 regarding your specific case and how we can help.